Synopsis from Goodreads:

Plucky young TV producer is fired from her gig at a local morning show in New Jersey-but vows to land on her feet. With an unfinished college education and suddenly out of a job, Becky Fuller finds herself at Daybreak, a floundering network morning news program in New York City thatrs”s sinking faster than the Titanic. Abysmal ratings are only the tip of the iceberg: The outdated cameras belong in the Smithsonian, and executive producers never stay beyond the next commercial break. To reverse the downward spiral, Becky hires legendary newscaster Mike Pomeroy as co-anchor-or rather, she makes him an offer he canrs”t contractually refuse. Mike abhors Daybreakrs”s fluff pieces (pet psychics?) and takes an instant dislike to Colleen, his equally vain co-anchor. The only bright side of Beckyrs”s career is Adam Bennett, the gorgeous producer of an actual hard news show, but Daybreakrs”s dysfunction spells trouble for their blossoming relationship. As Mike and Colleenrs”s on-air chemistry proves explosive, Becky must scramble to save her love life, her reputation, and Daybreak itself before the network pulls the plug.

Review: I am quite a fan of Diane Peterfreund’s. Her Killer Unicorn series ranks pretty high on my favorites list. When I discovered that she had written a chick lit novel, I couldn’t wait to read it. I was sadly disappointed with this book.

I found out after I read this book that it is an adaptation of the movie (not the other way around), so I am willing to place the blame for the less-than-stellar story on a crappy movie and not on Peterfreund.

My basic problem was that I just felt meh about the entire book. I couldn’t really connect with Becky, the main character. The plot was way too familiar. I have read this same story a dozen times and there some nothing that made it stand out for me. The writing was good, I just don’t think Peterfreund had much of substance to work with here.

I wouldn’t recommend this book. I would recommend other works by this author with much glee. If you want to read this novel, definitely get it from the library.

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