Sookie Stackhouse is back in the sixth installment in the Southern Vampire series. Sookie’s cousin Hadley, the sweetheart of the vampire queen of Louisiana, died unexpectedly six weeks ago. Or died again, since Hadley was a vampire, too. Sookie heads for New Orleans to clean out Hadley’s apartment. And while cleaning out the apartment of a dead relative might be mundane for some, Sookie’s trip turns into an adventure.

Sookie and the sexy were-tiger Quinn are an official item by the end of this novel, and both become accidentally entangled with the Vampire Queen’s politically motivated marriage to the Vampire King of Arkansas. Sookie will have to battle forces larger than herself to save the day!

Charlaine Harris’ series is so cute. I am especially looking forward to Allan Ball’s series based on her books. Sookie and the gang may seem a little run-of-the-mill to readers who are used to the action-intense Laurell K. Hamilton or Kim Harrison novels, but the characters are Harris’ strength. Her characters are completely endearing and her plot lines are credible. Even though this is a fantasy novel, Harris keeps her story rooted in reality as much as possible. It is just one of the great things about her books.

I highly recommend this book and entire series.

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